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Cleaning Instructions

Recommended Cleaning Methods

  Cellular Shades Vinyl Blinds Solar & Roller Shades Fabric Vertical Blinds Vinyl Vertical Blinds Faux Wood Blinds
Spot Clean
Water Immersible          
Ultrasonic Cleaning          
Special Cleaning
Instructions Below

Special Cleaning Instructions

Cellular Shades

Mild detergents–such as Woolite–spot removers, and dry cleaning may harm your cellular shades. Dusting and vacuuming are recommended for monthly maintenance. Spot clean with mild soap. For deep stains or soil, contact a cleaner from the certified network of ultrasonic cleaners. To locate a certified window treatments cleaner in your area, visit or contact Vitale Customer Service for a referral.

Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Vinyl vanes may be removed and immersed in water for cleaning. To eliminate static electricity, coat the vanes with a thin layer of mild detergent.

Motorized Shade Remote Controls

Do not submerge or spray cleaners directly on remote. Lightly wipe the plastic surfaces of your remotes with a mild soap solution using a dampened cloth.

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