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5 Ways this New Home Essential Can Save You Money

Buying a new house is exhilarating, but all the things that need to be done can really bog down the excitement. There’s painting, unpacking, and lists of updates or personalization you want to do to make your space a home. Where do you even start?

You’ve probably budgeted for all the things that need to happen right away but if window treatments aren’t on that list–they should be.

Often last on the list, (or easily forgotten in the midst of ordering appliance upgrades or new flooring), window treatments aren’t just eye candy, they serve pretty important roles. Sure, they are essential for privacy, and luxuries like, you know, sleeping in, but they can save you money, too!


Solar Shades with Cordless Lift and Cassette Valance: Solar Screen 1%, White Chocolate

Block the heat

Residents of sunnier climates know all too well that the sun’s rays, magnified through windows, can have a greenhouse effect and raise the temperature of your home rapidly. Northern climate dwellers encounter this during the summer months, particularly on south-facing windows. Installing shades or blinds that can be closed when the sun is beaming in will help reduce cooling costs, saving you money. If you still want some natural light for productivity, a solar shade option will reduce those rays and cut glare, but continue to let you enjoy the view and some light–just in a less intense way.


1/2" Double Cell Cellular Shade with Bottom Up/Top Down Cordless Lift: Blackout, English

Trap the warmth

Like drawing shades in the heat of summer, an insulated cellular shade in the winter will use its honeycomb-shaped chambers to trap air and warmth inside your house, keeping your money from flying out the window.


9/16" Single Cell Basic Cellular Shade with Cordless Lift: Blackout, Warm Rain

Reduce the fade

You’ve got a new home, and with that comes new furnishings, refinished floors, and more. Installing window treatments will protect your investment from unfortunate fading which can dull fabrics, as well as the UV rays that can weaken fabrics over time, causing them to break down faster, shortening their life.


3/4" Single Cell Cellular Shades with Bottom Up/Top Down Cordless Lift: Light Filtering, Beachy Blue


You’ve just moved into a new home, so you probably aren’t thinking about your next home yet, but it’s reassuring to know that adding custom window treatments can help sell your home in the future. Beyond preventing the aforementioned fading on floors and other surfaces, (and therefore, keeping things looking newer for longer), having cellular shades already installed is something prospective home buyers will enjoy taking off their to-do list–not to mention their cost-saving benefits.


1" Vinyl Blind with Cordless Lift/Wand Tilt: Pale Powder 34002

Feel good about your purchase

New window treatments can be an investment, especially in a home when you’re purchasing for Every. Single. Window. So choosing one that has a good warranty will save you money down the road. Since window treatments aren’t something you swap out as often as, say, a throw pillow, you need to be able to rely on them to work well and stand the test of time. That’s where choosing shades or blinds with a great warranty will help reassure you that if anything goes wrong, you aren’t shelling more out of pocket and hurting your bottom line.

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