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The Best Bedroom Window Ideas from a (Self Proclaimed) Sleep Insider

You can’t beat a good night’s rest. I don’t have to tell you that medical professionals, scientists, athletes, and exhausted parents worldwide all swear by this not-so-secret tip. The benefits include increased productivity, boosted immune systems, better moods, stronger hearts, improved memory and lower stress–not to mention, you just plain feel better when you’re well rested. But sometimes sleep is easier said than done, with a million nagging thoughts or to-do lists that can keep sleep at bay. This is why I’m all about setting myself up for success when it comes to bedroom style, giving me a space I can retreat to, a few less things to worry about, and a better chance of sleeping my cares away. I have the high thread count sheets, the pillow mist, the white noise machine and, perhaps most importantly, the blackout shades.

I love spring and summer, but the early morning sun and late sunset make it harder to catch those Z’s when I really want or need them. Combine that with a neighbor’s security light that is often on the fritz and flickering erratically and I sometimes find myself transformed into a grump. Enter the window treatments. I’ve rounded up some window treatment styles for bedroom windows that will not only work with your home décor, but overachieve in the light-blocking category, so you can rest easy.


Roller Shade with Cordless Lift and Cassette Valance: Classic Neutrals - Room Darkening, Smooth Tusk

Minimalists rejoice–don’t be fooled, these cream-colored roller shades are really blackout shades and can be as simple and sleek as you need them to be. Go with a cordless option, especially for windows behind your headboard.


1" Vinyl Blind with Cordless Lift/Wand Tilt: Pale Powder

Horizontal vinyl blinds have been around for years and offer great room darkening with a tilt of the louvers, not to mention they’re perfect for some classic and very ‘grammable stripes of sunlight. Just make sure you choose some with dust-resisting properties.


3/4" Single Cell Cellular Shades with Cordless Lift: Blackout, Golden Gate

Save your energy–cellular shades will keep warm air in during the winter, and cool air in the summer, lowering your heating and cooling costs while maintaining a perfect sleeping temperature.


1" Vinyl Blind with Cordless Lift/Wand Tilt: Pale Powder

Casual cool–when you prefer to surround yourself with your favorite items, fluffy pillows, and snuggly layers, a simple shade will do the trick.


1/2" Double Cell Cellular Shades with Bottom Up/Top Down Cordless Lift: Blackout, English Garden

When your bedroom is doing double duty as a home office, a bottom up/top down shade offers that natural light you need during the day, but can still keep your space private while you work and transition to sleep mode.

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