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What's Your Window Treatment Décor Style?

Another day, another design quiz.

Except this one might actually help you pick the right window treatments for your home–especially if you’re new to the whole homeowning thing.

Don’t worry, this quiz won’t pigeon-hole you into a shag rug connoisseur or turn you into the antiques hunter you never wanted to be. Rather, it will help you make some pretty basic decisions about what you want your window treatments to say about you.

  1. I want my home to feel:
    A. Light and airy
    B. Minimalist and clean
    C. Sleek and innovative
    D. Breezy and understated
    E. Rustic and warm
    F. Sensible and utilitarian
  1. How would you describe the furniture in the room?
    A. Curvy, sculptural
    B. Modern, geometric
    C. Clean, simple lines
    D. Rustic, cottage
    E. Classic, timeless
    F. Vintage, cool
  1. What kind of art are you into?
    A. Abstract
    B. Modern
    C. Mixed media
    D. Cabin art
    E. Landscape
    F. Black & white photos
  1. Pick an accessory:
    A. Understated, ceramic vase
    B. Bold, statement pillows
    C. Faux fur rug
    D. Woven storage baskets
    E. Wrought iron book ends
    F. White lacquer tray
  1. What kinds of materials are you drawn to?
    A. Gold
    B. Natural woven fibers
    C. Stainless steel
    D. Chrome
    E. Brass
    F. Anything with texture

What Am I?


Vertical Blinds with Wand Draw: Basketweave Sandpaper 33207

If you chose mostly Bs & Cs, you are a Modern Minimalist. You like clean lines, defined shapes, and simple accents that intentionally make a statement. Sometimes, you want to color outside the lines, but mostly, you drift towards pieces with a timeless aesthetic–without getting too rustic or cute.

You are solar & roller: Sleek and modern, these shades go well with any décor style, and are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, lift, and customization options.


1" Vinyl Blind with Cordless Lift/Wand Tilt: Pale Powder

If you chose mostly Es & Fs, paint yourself a Vintage Classicist.  You prefer to play mostly in the world of black and white, yet you’ve been known to dabble in gold. Sensible at heart, you prefer to buy things that serve a purpose–but then there’s a throwback side to you that also likes to come out and play.

Choose functional, yet modern vertical or vinyl horizontal blinds. Built to last, these treatments are easy to operate, and provide reliable light control, as well as flexible, classic style.


9/16" Single Cell Cellular Shades with Motorized Lift: Light Filtering, Whitetail

Found yourself sticking mostly with the A’s? Hello, Contemporary Muse. Thoughtful and inspired, you lean towards pieces that are soft and flowy, but full of substance and meaning. You have many interests and talents, but also a quiet humbleness, leading others to find you multi-layered and even a bit mysterious.

Our pick for you? The quietly intelligent, contemporary stylings of cellular shades. Unique, yet versatile, cellular shades offer both style and maximum energy savings, thanks to their thoughtful, honeycomb design.


2" Faux Wood Blinds with Cordless Lift/Wand Tilt and Decorative Valance: Subdued Steel

Last but not least, there are the Ds – warm, genuine souls that we’d characterize as Born Naturalists. Earnest and approachable, you have a strong preference for simple, honest design. To you, imperfect, unique, handmade details always win out over refined and overproduced.

With praise like that, it should come as no surprise that we find you as charming as our beautiful faux wood blinds. Timeless and affordable, faux wood allows you to bring distinctive character to high-humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

No matter where you end up, it’s fair to say that window treatments aren’t a sole indicator of what your overall décor style might be. It’s also likely your tastes will change over time. That said, you can totally opt for black, white, and vintage vinyl–then turn around and deck your bedroom out in bold, magenta cellular shades. Anything goes! Just do you.

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